Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Filters Do You Clean?

We work with a large variety of filter types at McWINN. If you can send it to us there’s a good chance we can clean it. Some popular industries include:


  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas Equipment
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Military
  • Dust/Fume Collections
  • Blowers & Turbines
  • Heavy Equipment Air Filter Cleaning
How Much Does It Cost?

We work with filters of all types and sizes which have different costs to clean. Simply contact us for a quote before you send in your filter for cleaning and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Our cost is on average about half the price of a new filter which adds up substantially over the lifespan of 8-10 cleans.

How Do I Get My Filter To You?

We have a few different options to accommodate our customers:


  1. Drop it off at our main Edmonton location #100 10808 178 Street NW
  2. Drop it off at one of our depot locations
  3. Ship us your filter in the mail. View our contact page for the full address to our main office location.
How Long Does It Take?

On average we have a one week turn-around time to clean your filter and return it to you.

What's Your Process?

McWinn’s process involves an air cleaning method, as compared to a standard wet cleaning method. Wet washing an air filter element will reduce the effectiveness of the filter by up to 50%.  A second wet wash can reduce the filter’s effectiveness by an additional 50%, leaving the original filter with only 25% life as compared with a new filter element.


McWinn’s patented dry cleaning process is 98% efficient, breathing longer life into your filters without compromising quality!

Do You Offer Warranty?

Our process is guaranteed safe and our warranty is equal to factory warranties.

What Areas Do You Service?

We have drop-off locations all over Alberta but you can ship us your filter from across the country to have it cleaned and returned to you. If you’re an international customer give us a call and we’ll let you know how we can help!

How Long Have You Been Cleaning Filters?

McWINN™ has been providing air filter cleaning services for over 25 years! Our processes and equipment have been developed, innovated, maintained and improved during this time period. We challenge all our customers to bring us your works air filter and let us show you firsthand how good we are and how well our system works!

Do You Sell New Filters?

Absolutely, when your old filter is no longer re-usable you can conveniently buy a replacement right here at McWinn.