Air Filter Cleaning / Pick-Up Services

Why Choose McWINN?

Better Filters

It’s the most reliable industrial strength air filter cleaning system available. Our patented air filter dry cleaning system can clean all filters with a completely dry process that provides like-new performance time after time.

Be Green

Each year thousands of air filters are sent to landfills needlessly, contributing to pollution and waste. McWinn’s patented process allows you to clean and re-use your filters up to 10 times without water or chemicals.


McWinn’s air filter cleaning cost is half the cost of a new filter and is 98% efficient. Your filters can be cleaned and re-used an average of 8-10 times saving you up to $500 or more over the life of your filter!

How it works?


Air filters are picked up by service outlets are visually inspected for damage before cleaning.


The filters are dried at 120°F (44°C) to remove any moisture. This ensures full release of dirt and contaminants in the cleaning process.


Each dried filter is then cleaned by the patented McWinn process, which combines rapid spinning with injected air and vacuum to clean the filter paper of all restricting particles.


The filters are rotated around a 750-Watt lamp in a dark room and inspected for paper separation, pin holes or tears. Having been cleaned and examined for flaws, the filters are restriction tested to assure proper airflow through the filter.


Fully cleaned and inspected, the McWinn service decal is marked to record the number of times the filter has been cleaned. The filter is then bagged in heavy plastic or boxed and identified with the customer’s name and filter number to assure clean, accurate delivery.

What Makes The McWINN Process Superior?

Our system allows us to safely and effectively clean an element an average of 8-10 times as opposed to the standard method of washing, which limits filter re-use to 2-3 times before damage occurs to the element.

A+ Rating

Environmentally Friendly

Guaranteed Safe